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Style is about so much more than our clothes. It’s who we are and what we care about. We run half marathons to fund cancer research and wear those shirts with pride. We love discovering great new outfits, but what to do when our closets get full of those treasures? We may swap them or donate them to help those in need, but why not do both at the same time?

BuyMine is a community-minded fashion marketplace that brings together the clothes we love and the causes we care about: the ultimate place to express your style. That sweater you just don’t wear anymore is someone else’s new favorite, and what is last year to her is a perfect match for your favorite skirt.

Post your outfit. Tell us about your cause. Share your style with the world.

My name is David and I work for Thrillist. This is my new t-shirt company and I would like to keep making these shirts. Here is one shirt and you can buy more(mine) on our website

"We’ve found it to be a universal truth that we need more hours in the day to pursue our passions. This graphic was made at 1:20, on a particularly busy day. A day in which we wished we could pause the clock. It’s a constant reminder to “make time” for everything we should be making time for.

Silkscreened by hand in New York City on 100% Ringspun, Garment Washed Cotton;"The Softest Tee Money Ever Bought.” “Live Emphatically” label printed inside the tagless neckline.

Shirts run small. Order one size up for a better fit.

— 3 years ago

Handmade Royal Blue Sweater (Size M)

Stay cozy & stylish with this royal blue sweater.  Handmade of wool & mohair, I really do love this sweater as it can be worn to go out or curl up on the couch with a book & some tea.  

I’m selling my winter sweater (size M) to raise money to create art projects for kids in rural neighborhoods in Argentina.  Can you buymine for $50


Charles David, Italian shoe designer (size 10), is my all time favorite, but I just don’t wear heels.  I’ve worn these maybe 5 times in my life.  They are practically new & I think still pretty hot. Can you buymine for $40?

— 3 years ago

My name is Kalu and I’m a social entrepreneur who is also designing clothes. The photos above show my sister wearing some of the outfits I designed. I’m only selling them to friends right now, but I’m offering these to you. I’m making these designs called Riverine to support designers in the eastern Nigerian city of ABA  (in the niger delta). You can buy the outfit in white (size M) for $100. 

Post a comment below if you have any questions about the designs or would like to buy and I will follow up. 

— 3 years ago

I am a grad student in Cambridge. I used to spend a lot of time in New Orleans building urban rain gardens so I needed a sturdy belt to keep my pants from falling. Now I sit in classrooms and talk about bottom up vs top down planning. Actually, our department could use some new furniture.

I am a size 34 and the belt  was a little small. My girlfriend got it for me at Banana Republic (she’s okay with me selling it). Buymine for $12

— 3 years ago

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I’m a social worker from Somerville, but I want to be in El Salvador helping street kids who have been victims of violence. Help me get there.

I don’t want this Rachel Zoe X-Large Hobo Bag (new) anymore. I got this as a gift and my work environment is not conducive to having such nice stuff. It also smells really good and new. Can you buymine for $100?

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— 3 years ago

This is my dad’s sweater. Please don’t buy it. He doesn’t know that you can post photos on the internet or that I am selling this sweater on the internets.

I run a non-profit that improves educational opportunities for kids in Tanzania. We are raising money to build libraries at primary schools. 

This sweater can help. Buymine for $200. 

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— 3 years ago

I bought this shirt to support the Gulf  Restoration Network, now I’m selling it to raise even more money. Every hour we lose a football size worth of wetlands.

This shirt new is sold out. Buymine for $7

— 3 years ago